Welcome 2 Reality, LLC, is a Connecticut based company who provides a variety of services to children and families. We are committed to raising awareness of media literacy by educating and empowering individuals of how to use critical thinking skills to see these mediums for what they truly are.



Welcome 2 Reality

Welcome 2 Reality, LLC (W2R) started in 2012 with just a thought on “what more can we do?” Anthony Gay and Marcus Stallworth both professors at the time, were amazed on how young college students’ outlook on the world was. Even more so, how text acronyms were being written in research papers without a second thought. Anthony and Marcus asked one another “what more can we do?” Thus, W2R was formed along with Donte Rabb, Qur-an Webb, and Carlton White. Collectively, W2R has over 60 plus years in the social work field in the areas of child protection services, non-profits, and higher education. Amongst professional experience, W2R has a wealth of life experiences and knowledge to add to its purpose.

W2R created a curriculum that not only helps one become media literate, but provides an opportunity to dialogue, educate and mentor youth on an ongoing basis. The program is designed to help youth dissect and analyze all forms of social media and advertisement. We help youth learn how to examine and breakdown all media messages before they internalize them.

This curriculum is designed to bring participants back to “reality.” This is accomplished through discussions, scenarios, exercises and processing information youth consume daily from various outlets. We essentially help prepare participants to have media morals and integrity. By mentoring through media, we are able to educate and instruct youth on the importance of not mimicking the negative messages they are constantly inundated with. We educate youth to know the dangers of social media, the lifelong implications of what they leave behind on social media; and the haunting effects it can have not only on them, but their families as well.

Our instructors work vigorously to ensure we are abreast of the latest trends, text language/lingo, advertisements, music etc., to ensure we are aware of what youth are being exposed to on a daily basis. W2R helps youth with critically thinking about the impact and influence of mass media. Within weeks of participating in the program youth are able to clearly articulate how the media depicts male dominance, body image, female roles in society, influences in fashion, how they communicate, and how races and cultures are viewed.

W2R is in the final stages of production of our groundbreaking documentary called Welcome 2 Reality “Lets Sing Rap & Talk About It.” W2R has worked with leaders in the fight of making the world media literate such as Sut Jhaly, Gail Dines, David Greenfield, Jean Kilbourne and other educators from across the country to name a few. This documentary addresses male dominance/masculinity, how advertising influences consumers, body image, internet addition, submissive roles for women, and how race and culture are portrayed in the media. These experts not only expose these mediums, they provide tips and concrete solutions to staying in tune with reality while engaging in this digital society.