Welcome 2 Reality, LLC, is a Connecticut based company who provides a variety of services to children and families. We are committed to raising awareness of media literacy by educating and empowering individuals of how to use critical thinking skills to see these mediums for what they truly are.


Training Institute


Training Institute Offerings

Welcome 2 Reality is proud to present our catalog of learning opportunities through the Welcome 2 Reality Training Institute.

The Welcome 2 Reality Training Institute (TI) is dedicated to offering top-notch quality learning opportunities, for Teachers, Students, Clergy, Social workers, Clinicians, Federal/State Agencies and Administrators. All trainings facilitated by the TI are specifically created and designed to enhance and advance participants in the various topic areas offered. All offerings are created to accommodate various learning styles and delivered through a culturally diverse lens.

The TI strives to provide hi energy, interactive engaging experience. The talented teams of trainers at the TI have over 30 combined years of training experience. All of the Sr. Trainers from the TI also have backgrounds in lecturing and teaching at the collegiate level. The trainers utilize adult learning theory to support the education and growth of the inter-generational participants we interface with.

Trainings Offered by Welcome 2 Reality

The Impact of Social Media on Children and Families

This training helps students, staff, and professionals learn more about social media and its impact on children and families. We incorporate our knowledge of human behavior and the need for acceptance to help individuals identify why they make the choices they make online. By examining songs, music videos, and advertisement campaigns, we help identify the impact of imagery and subliminal messages and assist them in making distinctions between fantasy and reality.

Fatherhood Engagement and Social Connections

This training will discuss different perspectives about why father involvement could have positive consequences for child development which includes different practices; strengths and weaknesses of each perspective will be discussed, and the prospects for an integrated ecological-parental capital theory of paternal influence on child development are considered.

Demystifying Islam

The course will explore ways in which Muslims have been interpreted and misinterpreted throughout history. Analyze the media portrayal of Islam. The course will allow participants to get an overview Muslim practices and rituals.

Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking

This training designed to increase identification of those vulnerable to and exploited by trafficking and improves the response of child-serving professionals. Our training approach brings together the best methods of in-person and virtual education to equip professionals and advocates in the field.

Building Blocks to Effective Parenting: A Guide For Professionals

This course will help parents understand the importance of effective co-parenting, particularly as it relates to children. Participants will be provided strategies on ways to reduce stress, disruption, and unhealthy transitions in regard to co-parenting.

It’s Okay To Be Selfish!

This training is designed to highlight the importance of self-care and how to identify ways to incorporate Self-care practices into day-to-day life. Participants will be provided with ways on how to identify realistic, cost effective ways to support physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

Race & Implicit Bias

Training will discuss implicit bias, and the differences between equality and equity, what do equitable practices look like. Participants will learn to talk about race constructively within their workplace and with colleagues’ organizations and with their constituents. Gain opportunities and next steps for applying concepts and strategies to advance racial equity

Results Based Facilitation

Results Based Facilitation (RBF) helps leaders design, lead and contribute to meetings that effectively move groups from talk to action and hold participants accountable for advancing the work. This course will provide participants with an understanding of RBF, and the foundational skills necessary to effectively plan a meeting that results in a commitment to action. Participants will leave the training with concrete RBF tools, which can be put into practice.

Dear Black Male…

This course will focus on the depiction of black males in today’s society and the issues they go through and face. The cultural mistrust which influences perceptions and the quality of their relationships. Recognizing Black males varies in their individual needs and identifying supports that might be most effective. Consider how efforts to adequately provide for Black males can be linked to the fight for larger social justice goals for themselves and their communities. This course will also explore historic and current systematic oppression and implicit bias and the physical and mental health impact it has on Black males.

Professional Development Training For New and Ongoing Staff

This training will focus on the importance teamwork, and understanding the importance of developing and managing positive working relationships while adhering to agency’s policies and regulations that are important to any agencies’ mission. Participants will be able to implement new conflict resolution and effective time management strategies lead to higher rates of productivity. The goals of this training are for staff to recognize the benefits and aspects of professionalism while also providing strategies to overcome occupational challenges thus producing a more cohesive working environment through teamwork.

Be sure to ask about: Continued Education Credits (CEC’s) We Offered To Those Who Are Eligible