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Reality Based Services

Presently Reality Based Services has created a Virtual Platform called CHOP IT UP.  CHOP IT UP was designed to create a global network for men of color to come together to share resources, tips, and information that can help men of color advance in life.  Additionally, this is a non-therapeutic platform that allows men to just talk about any and everything with other men in a Judgement Free Zone.   During chop it up  we talk struggles, history, finances, and health & overall wellness.  This group is designed to help men become the best man they can be.  This platform is comprised of men from all walks of life and socio-economic status’s.  CHOP IT UP is not a support group, but we are here to encourage and guide each other when needed.


Additionally, Reality Based Services is in the process of launching a Youth based Program that allows youth to learn all aspects of media and become the owners of the content they create.  All content will be create encourage  and inspire other youth to achieve the greatness they all have inside of them.  This program will also have a youth development component that will support them mentally and physically.  Lastly this program will provide academic support to all participants who engage in the program.  

RBS – youth  specific programming aims to assist adolescents (ages 14-20 year old) from the community by giving them access to the tools tat can assist them in turning their dreams into reality despite how big or small the dream may be.  Our skilled staff will conduct a thorough assessment of each individual entering the program.  Based on the outcome of the assessment the coordinator and youth will create a plan of action that will lead them on the journey to achieving their group and individual goal(s).
Chop it Up
Reality Based Services, Inc. is pleased to announce a new networking opportunity for all Men of Color.

This includes: Fathers, Step-Dads, Sons, Brothers and Male Caregivers. This a chance for men to get together and "Chop it Up" with other guys and talk about life, current events, and other things men encounter on a daily basis. This is an open space for Men of Color to brainstorm, share resources, and express themselves in a safe and judgment free environment.

Meeting is every Wednesday at 7 pm EST
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